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What makes Wild Roots Learning Center different is our approach to education.  We employ a wide range of educational philosophies to deliver instruction and we are passionate about learning. At the core of our educational philosophy is hands on learning, which offers multiple modalities for learning.

2024 Spring Course Descriptions


Morning Meeting- Daily- We begin each day with a morning meeting focusing on a social and emotional characteristic. We read stories, journal and do various activities as a large group. These are included as part of our daily routine.


PK-K Specialty Classes

  • Learning & Community - Monday through Thursday- (Ashley & Lindy) Thematic Pre-K/Kinder class focused on building community, nature, and play.

  • Storytelling & Dramatic Play- Tuesday (Jenna & Serenity) - Animals, Dragons, Wizards, Dinosaurs! You never know what you'll become in this dramatic play based literacy class

  • Outdoor Explorers & Nature Play- Wednesday- (Stacy) child led play based learning using nature as our playground

  • Imagination Station- Thursday(Katrina & Serenity) Thematic, immersive and imaginative play based learning. Become a vet, baker, astronaut and more!

Visual and Performing Arts

  • Music & Movement- Monday- (Jeanne) Music and Dance, free expression, and lots of fun.

  • Musical Theater- Monday - (Katrina & Theresa) Spring Performance TBD

  • Stage & Theater Skills- Monday- (Theresa) Good for all levels of experience, play improv and acting games, learn stage presence and line delivery


Language Arts

  • Science of Reading & Writing * - Monday - (Katrina) designed for 1st-3rd grade, work on phonemic awareness, reading development and manuscript/cursive. *Inclusion Adaptive lesson supported by Azadeh

  • Nuts & Bolts of Writing- Monday- (Anna) working on the basics of the writing process from brainstorming to final drafting.

  • Whats Cookin?- Tuesday - (Katrina) Bringing reading to life as we "cook up" exciting dishes inspired by books.

  • Storytelling & Dramatic Play- Tuesday- (Jenna & Serenity) Astronauts, Dragons, Wizards, Dinosaurs! You never know what you'll become in this dramatic play based literacy class

  • Adventures in Literacy- Tuesday- (Jenna) Building a love of reading with a new take on book reports and student selected novels

  • Finding Your Voice (developing your writing)- Wednesday - (Anna) working on writing with a focus on paragraph structure, character development and descriptive language

  • Storytelling & Active Listening- Wednesday - (Anna) Build your listening skills while bringing your imagination to life by creating your own characters through storytelling and art creation.

  • So You Want to Write a Book?- Thursday- (Jenna) - Students will write and illustrate their own stories then publish a book at the end of the class

  • Poetry & Rhythm- Thursday- (Jenna) Explore the fun whimsical world of poetry and play

Foreign Language

  • Espanol y Culture- Monday- Beginning Spanish, hispanic cultural, geography, music and dance



  • Science & Discovery- (Monday) - (Katrina) Hands on science every class, from active experiments to dissections. 

  • Our Wild Universe- Monday - (Stacy) From the depths of the ocean to the height of galaxies and everything in between. What makes this universe so unique and amazing.

  • Organs, Systems, & Structure of the Human Body - Tuesday - (Katrina) a hands on approach of the body systems, musculatory, circulatory, skeletal, respiratory, nervous, edocrine and digestive systems)

  • Whodunnit?- Wednesday - (Katrina) Become a real-life detective in this Crime Scene Investigation class. Use your knowledge of chemistry to solve "crimes".

  • It's a Zoo in Here!- Wednesday - (Katrina) Learn to care for our Wild Roots "zoo:" chickens, rabbit, various reptiles and more!

  • STEAM Time- Thursday- (Katrina)- Science, technology, engineering, art and math, beautifully combined for curious minds.

Social Science

  • Time Traveling Adventures - Monday & Wednesday- (Anna) Hop in our time machine to discover many different times and places!

  • Celebrations around the World- Tuesday- (Kara) Honor different holidays and festivals around the globe, focusing on many elements of culture and geography.

  • Become a World Changer- Thursday- (Kara) Learn the power of one while studying young activists across the globe and becoming one yourself.

  • Soapbox/Action Civics- Thursday- (Kara) Discovering our passions worth fighting for, developing a two minute Soapbox Speech and sharing our passion with others.



  • Handicrafts- (Monday-Stacy  Wednesday- Anna)- Build Confidence, Creativity and Skill making challenging works that require effort, practice & passion (We will be working with sharp tools).

  • eARTh & Craft- Tuesday (Serenity)- Use Recycled or natural materials to create masterpieces both ephemeral and product.

  • Organic Artist- (Kara)- Learn the process of making art with nature's materials, as well as creating art- making tools by hand. You will learn to be resourceful, creative, experimental and confident.


The Rooted Homestead -Thursday (Serenity) learn about everything from gardening to crafting, foraging and cooking and everything inbetween.


Physical Fitness

  • Elevated Strength & Wellness- Monday (Katie)- Reach your true potential by joining us to become better humans everyday in every way by building strength and confidence.

  • Yoga & Silent Disco- Wednesday (Jamie)- Slow down with Yoga and Dance to the beat of your own drum with the Wild Roots Silent Disco!



  • Math Whiz 1-3- Wednesday (Katrina)- Fun project based approach with a focus on addition, subtraction and an introduction to multiplication

  • Math Whiz 4-6- Wednesday (Katrina)- Fun, project based approach with a focus on multiplication, division and fractions

  • Middle School Math- Wednesday (Stacy) A hands on approach to working with integers and rational numbers to simplify expression and solve multi-step equations



  • Beginning Piano and Reading Music- Tuesday Learn the basics of hand potion, black and white keys and reading music

  • Instruments & Songwriting- Thursday- for students with musical experience, this is an opportunity to come together and create musical pieces as a band

  • Ukulele-Beginning and Intermediate ukulele group class.- learn to play the ukulele and perform a piece of music at the spring festival

  • Private Lessons: Piano, Guitar and Voice


Social, Emotional Learning

  • Earth & Emotion- Wednesday - (Jamie) Using all your senses to connect with nature and your emotions while developing behavior skills focusing on the importance of collaborative relationships, coping with emotional situations, and building skills for acceptance and change.

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