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Kara Lofthouse

Kara Lofthouse

Director Kara Lofthouse has over 15 years in education.  She started teaching 6th grade in 2008 and has never lost the love of learning or teaching.  As an educational leader, with her masters in education, with an emphasis on curriculum and instruction and cultural responsive teaching, she has devoted her adult life to bettering education for all children.  She has served as an educational leader both at the site level and district level, and is now serving on the local school board advocating for all studeings.  Her knowledge in research affirmed practices, curriculum and instruction development and education far surpasses many.  Kara opted to homeschool her own children in 2020.  In this unprecedented year, and bringing her expertise to the table, her passion for education has driven her desire to develop a community of learners and families that have the same passion to remain wild, and fill a void in our region.  She is thrilled to have created a home away from home for children all over our region, and any student for that matter, to learn, build relationships and receive enrichment and core classes with a focus on building an amazing and inclusive community and self development.  

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