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About Wild Roots.

"There are two gifts we should give our children, one is roots, the other is wings."

Welcome to Wild Roots Learning Center. We invite you to join us in this special place of learning and wonder.  Come as you are, because all are welcome here. We believe that we were not created to do this life alone, and those we surround ourselves with will make this one wild and crazy life one worth living.  We are a community where students and families are encouraged to build relationships with one another and with the surrounding community.  Our philosophy for education is holistic in approach, balancing academic learning that is standards aligned, with a focus on relationships, play, nature, inclusion and love.  At Wild Roots you are home.


It is our desire to give our children a quality education, while preserving the adventure, freedom and wonder of childhood. We honor each child as an individual and believe students will gain the greatest amount of learning in an environment where they are encouraged to converse, share ideas, and build their own capacities through self-directed diligent study or play. As our students explore and learn, they will be supported by educators with deep understanding of content who can guide students as they become masters of their own knowledge. While we believe interaction across a wide range of ages is most beneficial for all, to help students and parents navigate which courses would be most beneficial and appropriate for each student, we offer our courses in three flexible age ranges.

Early Elementary In this level, typically students ranging in ages 4-6 will engage in classes that provide self-directed learning through play and investigation. Students will participate in circle time and stations where monthly thematic concepts are introduced. Social skills are developed as students are supported in their navigation of conflict resolution or when working in a group.  Waldorf inspired activities, structure and rhythms will be used in these classes. 


Lower Grades   In this level, students ranging in ages 6-10 students will engage academic conversations, play, hands on learning, high interest topics, community awareness, and verbal and written language development.  

Upper Grades   In this level, students ranging in ages 10-14 students will engage academic conversations, engage in social learning opportunities that support and enrich at home curricular content.  Students will engage in hands on learning, high interest topics, character development, community activism and social engagement.  Students in this age group can participate in mentorship opportunities with our younger students.  

High School    In this level, students ranging in ages 14-18 are engaging in social learning opportunities that support and enrich at home curricular content.   For students in these upper age levels, we still strongly encourage play and social engagement. Students in these age ranges can participate in mentorship programs with younger students


All of our courses offer rich academic understanding and support the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) without the rigidity of traditional classroom time constraints, small class sizes allowing for individualized instruction, and meeting students where they are.

For students of all grades, we will focus on enrichment skills and unit studies, social emotional learning, and development of the whole child. In addition to providing core A-G support for high school homeschoolers taught by credentialed teachers, ample enrichment opportunities available to provide life skills, and the opportunity to develop relationshiops with others.


Classes in the Wild Roots pedagogical approach will be available to support parents in their own homeschooling practices, assist in social emotional supports, curriculum and instruction support, and so much more.  At Wild Roots the opportunity for learning and community is not limited to students. We are hoping to develop a Parent Educator Learning Community (PELC) this year and invite you to join with other parents. As a member of this learning community, parents have the opportunity to collaborate with other parent educators to share ideas, gather insights, and continue to grow as lifelong learners.  Advocate services and consultation is also available for parents if you are looking for more individualized support.


While we will have a focus on providing services to homeschool children during the traditional school year in the Sacramento region, enrichment opportunities for all in the region regardless of their school of attendance will be available during school breaks such as summer and holiday breaks, in the evening and even on the weekends.  


You are welcome here.


Vision & Mission. 

Wild Roots will develop a community of lifelong learners who demonstrate the following:

  • Civic responsibility

  • Mindful practices

  • Love of nature

  • Thoughtful reasoning

  • Critical thinking

  • Inclusivity

  • Celebrating diversity

  • A love of learning


We will do this by creating an environment in which: 

  • Welcomes the whole child

  • Integrates play, nature and love into our lessons 

  • Welcome every child and every child is a valuable member of the community

  • Is inclusive to all, and celebrates and honors our differences

  • Demonstrates the love and passion of learning in everything we do

  • Works to better our community

  • Allows flexibility and freedom of choice, integrates standards, and is a place where our kids want to call “home”.

Wild Roots will be a community which provides support to parents in their quest to monitor the learning growth and development of their children.  We know learning is not a destination, nor is it identical for each person. We respect and identify that every human is uniquely individual and by providing a space for each student to root and grow, the impact is infinite.

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