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Roots Learning Collective

As we embark on the natural growth and change that occurs over time, we hope to be given the opportunity to bloom in many new areas.  Roots Learning Collective will be the base of it all.


Roots Learning Collective

The plans for growth and expansion to other parts of the state, and out of state have been something we have been toying with for quite some time as we are approached on a regular basis, looking for us, where they live.  I am excited to embark on this journey when we are ready, but in the meantime, we are working hard to establish a common culture that will be the root of all learning centers we open.

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Roots Learning Collective

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We will be working hard this year to publish our own curriculum unit studies available for purchase.  They will show case some of what we do in class, but may go more or less into detail, as nothing replaces the in person learning experience with Wild Roots, we know you can't take all the classes!  This downloadable curriculum will be available for purchase in our shop as it is completed.  



We plan to expand our online shop, in person shop at the Folsom Farmers Market (run by and for students), and our Market Stand (also run by students) with many of our favorite items and tools we use on a regular basis, cute "wild child" necessities, goods made by our students, and items produced in our garden.  We are so excited to become true entrepreneurs.   

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