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ABCs & 1,2,3s: Early Elementary Exploration (Monday ONLY) Cross curricular, core, and Social emotional learning, focused on building a love for learning and a community .

American Sign Language (30 min) Introduction to ASL.

Curious & Discover: Science based on students curiosity aligned with biographical studies, presentation skills and self discovery

eARTh & Craft: Arts and Crafts with recycled and repurposed materials.  One (wo)man’s trash is another wo/man’s treasure.

Espanol y Culture: Learn the Spanish language, culture, art and music in this introductory class 

Fantasy & Folklore: Bringing the fairytales, fables and folklore to life with readers theater, puppet plays and storytelling

Farm & Fork: Community Gardening, Fitness and Nutritional studies.  Discover where our food comes from and the environmental impact we have on our planet.  

Habla Espanol: Full Immersion Spanish Class in which students will learn core subject areas in Spanish, elements of the language, and culture.

Imagination & Stardom: Imaginative play based on stories, sensory play, and crafts combined with musical theater.

Inquire & Explore: Questions lead to exploration and discovery through imaginative and sensory play

Nature & Community*: Nature Based Early Elementary Exploration*.  Cross curricular, core, and large emphasis on social emotional learning and building a community.

Play & Learn*: Early Elementary Exploration, Cross curricular, core, and Social emotional learning, focused on building a love for learning and a community .

Qigong (30 min): Introduction to a system of coordinated body-posture and movement, breathing, and meditation used for the purposes of health, wellness and martial-arts training. 

Story & Dream: Imaginative play based on literary pieces, picture books, with crafts, literacy and writing, and book making


30 minute mid-day classes 

Emerging Literacy: Learning phonemic awareness, handwriting, and early literacy with sensory play

Human Library: interview and record life stories from people who have lived a lot of it.

Let's Learn to Draw: step by step line drawing and illustrating 

Music for Mother Earth: Get grounded with music from various cultures and our Mother Earth 

P.L.A.E Games: Physical fitness, life skills, attitude education through cooperative games.

Singing Together: A fun singing class with periodic performance opportunities.

Wild Health & Movement: physical fitness while having fun

*Meets twice a week

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