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22-23 Course Offerings

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

What makes Wild Roots Learning Center different is our approach to education.  We employ a wide range of educational philosophies to deliver instruction and we are passionate about learning. At the core of our educational philosophy is hands on learning, which offers multiple modalities for learning.

  • Action Art!: Experience the freedom of art exploration in this sensory, process art class! Dress to get messed! (Thursday Afternoon)

  • Action & Civics:  Hey kids! You are the future, participate in active citizenship and change the world. (Wednesday Afternoon)

  • Animals & Environment: Welcome to the Jungle! This wild zoology class will explore animal life cycles, habitats adaptations and more! (Tuesday Afternoon)

  • Artists & Media: Discover the great artist within yourself as you learn about artists who have made their mark on history. (Thursday Morning)

  • Authors & Biographies: Explore great works of literature and awesome authors, maybe even find the author within. (Thursday Morning)

  • Brain & Body Connection:  Build your growth mindset, conflict resolution and body awareness through movement. (Wednesday Afternoon)

  • Curious & STEAM: Science, technology, engineering, art and math, beautifully combined for curious minds. (Wednesday Morning)

  • Drama & Music Games: Build confidence, teamwork, and learn to think on your feet with fun drama and music games. (Monday Morning)

  • Envision & Create:  From cardboard tree houses and clay sculptures to felting and hand stitching, explore your creative side. (Tuesday Afternoon)

  • Earth & Emotion:  Using all your senses to connect with nature and your emotions while developing behavior skills focusing on the importance of collaborative relationships, coping with emotional situations, and building skills for acceptance and change. (Thursday Morning and Afternoon)

  • Explore & Wanderlust:  Trot around the globe learning about various countries, their traditions, food and culture. (Tuesday Morning)

  • Fairytales & Fables:  Be a princes or princess, dragon or knight, mermaid or troll and make fairytales and fables literature come to life. (Thursday Afternoon)

  • Finding Your Voice:  Kids can change the world. Join other future world changers as you find your voice. (Wednesday Morning)

  • Math Whiz Learn basic math concepts, like multiplication and division all the way to fractions in this hands-on, active math class! (Thursday Morning)

  • Movement & Meditation:  Through the practice of Yoga, belly breathing and Qigong, learn to pause and practice mindfulness. (Monday Afternoon, Wednesday Afternoon)

  • Once Upon a Culinary Time: Bring reading to life as we "cook-up" exciting dishes inspired by books. (Monday Morning)

  • Poetry & Songwriting:  Songs are poems set to music. Learn to write poetry and express it musically. (Monday Afternoon)

  • Science & Discovery:  Hands on science every class, from active experiments to dissections. (Tuesday Morning)

  • Storytelling & Illustration:  Build your listening skills while bringing your imagination to life by creating your own characters through storytelling and art creation. (Monday Morning)

  • Story & Dream:  Stories teach us everything from emotions to history, fiction and fact. Early writers will work on oral storytelling and a collaborative written piece. Experienced writers will work on individual pieces as part of a collective anthology. (Tuesday Afternoon)

  • Starstruck Musical Theater:  Show off your musical talent as we bring characters to life on stage! Learn songs and routines for small scale performances. Experienced readers can develop their dramatic skills by reading short scripts and learning lines. Fall Performance will be "Mixed-Up Fairytales." (Monday Afternoon)

  • Whodunnit: Forensic Science  Become a real-life detective in this Crime Scene Investigation class. Use your knowledge of chemistry to solve "crimes". (Wednesday afternoon grades 4th and up)

  • World Language:  Learn to speak conversational Spanish while having fun and making crafts. (Tuesday Morning)

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