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Our Courses 

What makes Wild Roots Learning Center different is our approach to education.  We employ a wide range of educational philosophies to deliver instruction and we are passionate about learning. At the core of our educational philosophy, is that when kids are having fun, and engaged, they are learning. Therefore our focus is on high quality content, that piques interest, and thus naturally fun, and promotes the intrinsic desire to learn.   Our classes are designed out of passion and expertise with educational experts who cannot wait to share what they love with you.   While we believe interaction across a wide range of ages is most beneficial for all, to help students and parents navigate which courses would be most appropriate for each student, we offer our courses in three flexible age ranges. We allows this flexibility because we believe parents know their child better than anyone, and thus a child who may not fit in a particular age range, may be more suitable for another.  Consider the lists below as a menu of items from which you may choose individual classes, or if you need assistance creating a schedule that works for your family's needs we are happy to assist you in your selection process

 Course Descriptions.

The Arts: Visual and Performing.

At Wild Roots we believe that art and music is for everyone and we aim to nourish the seeds of creativity within each wonderfully unique individual. You can expect that our classes will be about the joyful exploration of art mediums, occasionally they could be step by step specific product oriented projects but most often they will be exploratory in nature and free of judgement and embracing the understanding that there is no wrong-way to do art.  Engaging in art of making music regardless of skill level builds neurological pathways in ways that no other content areas can. Learning to sing or play an instrument supports life long learning and promotes critical thinking, problem solving skills, increases depth of knowledge, develops creativity, and supports social emotional growth. Plus it's just good fun! 

Art Class


  • Art Perspectives: (Winter, Spring) Looking at things from unusual angles (upside down, birds-eye, underwater, etc) challenges the brain and often results in unique works of art.

  • eARTh Works: (Winter, Spring) In this course, students will upcycle, repurpose and reimagine materials to create works of art. In this fun and playful course, students will nurture their creativity with connections to nature and our planet as they make art and grow in their environmental awareness.​

  • Mistakes Make Happy Art: (Fall) Oops are opportunities for art! In this class there are no mistakes, just redirects or maybe even the makings of a masterpiece. In this course we take less than perfect beginnings and through collaboration and brainstorming, students will work with the mistakes and opportunities and not roadblocks to success.​

  • Color Exploration (Fall) In this course students will explore how colors influence emotion and settings using the mediums of watercolor and tempera paints. Some days the work could look like pages full of color (which can be beautiful in themselves) but may not be a masterpiece to hang on the refrigerator and other days they may have a completed masterpiece of their own design. Students will be shown well known works of art as reference to understanding the concepts.

  • It's a Bird, It's a Plane...It's a Paint Brush: (Fall) Art is everywhere around us, and this class sparks the idea that anything can be a paint brush! We'll use non-traditional materials to paint with, including squeegees, forks, moss and salad spinners, exploring the texture that each creates. We'll use mixed media art paper as well as canvases to create fun paintings you'll want to display!​

  • The Third Dimension (Fall) This class explores 3 D art with paper mache, clay, castles, and wind chimes! Students will design, build and paint their creations, developing artwork that can be experienced from every angle.

  • Clay Art (Spring): This class will explore different types of clay and form different creations every class with some guided support.  ​​


  • Learn to Play the Ukulele: (Fall, Winter, Spring)  This is a course for students in the beginning stages of learning to play ukulele. The goal of this course is to tap into a child’s natural inclination to move and channel that energy to help them learn naturally and joyfully. In each class we will practice playing, learning songs as well as instrument care. Over the course, students will learn chords that they will use to play three different songs. Class sizes will be kept smaller so all students get individualized attention ensuring they experience success. For purposes of practicing at home, we recommend students rent or purchase a Ukulele, we will have a few on hand for students who are unable to do so.

  • Intermediate Ukulele (Winter, Spring)  This course is for students who have mastered the basics and are ready for more. Students will read music and work on performance pieces.

  • Kids Sing,: (Fall, Winter, Spring)  All our vocal courses are for all learners who love to sing! Students will engage in vocal exploration and warm-up exercises, and focus on practicing and learning new songs over the course. All activities are developmentally appropriate and designed for safely strengthening young voices, developing breath control and engaging young ears to hearing sound, tone and pitch. Students will be led through an engaging rehearsal with peers who also enjoy singing and performing.  

  • Intro to Piano: (Fall) Students will learn the basics of piano, including finger placement, reading music and playing songs.

  • Piano Level 1: (Winter, Spring) This course is for students who have mastered the basics and are ready for more. Students will read music and work on performance pieces.                                                                                                                                        

  • Guitar Jam Session: (Spring) Students will learn the basics of guitar, including finger placement, reading music and playing songs.  Students must have a guitar for this class and to practice at home.


  • Readers’ Theater (Winter, Spring): Students will learn the fundamentals of acting, vocal expression, and enunciation while performing in fun and engaging Readers’ Theater. Students will have the opportunity to practice in a variety of fun and engaging roles that will also build reading fluency and comprehension too! At the end of the course, a polished Readers’ Theater piece will be performed by the students for the school. (Requirement -student ability 3rd grade reading level or above.)

  • Musical Theater (Winter, Spring): This class is designed for children who are new to theater as well as those who are experienced on stage. Students will receive training in acting, vocal and movement. The main objective is to build self-esteem and boost confidence. In this course, there will be two mini performances, one at the holiday time full of joyful holiday music, and one at the end of the trimester to welcome spring.

  • Social Dancing: (Winter) This is a 4 session evening course for families to learn together the basic steps for social partner dances such as East Coast Swing, Foxtrot, Waltz, Merengue, and Cha Cha. Learning to social dance is more than just good exercise, it develops poise and confidence, while activating the mind body connection. (Family Course-parents and kids are invited to learn together.)

Image by Dan Dennis


  • Passport Around the World: (Fall, Winter, Spring) Travel around the globe, learning about different cultures through cultural immersion. Students will have the opportunity to hear languages, do projects and experience some foods (if no allergies) from each culture. Learn what makes each culture uniquely special, while learning geography and history in a culturally responsive environment. Students will build community together as they gain an understanding for what life is like around the globe both in modern and historical times. Together they will explore different geographical and historical places and important people from those areas and the contributions they made. Students will engage in project based learning throughout the course. Each trimester this course will explore a new part of the globe, students may take this course all three trimesters (whole year) without repeating any content.

  • Action Civics (Fall, Winter, Spring): In this course students will spend time developing their civic mindedness. They will go on a journey of self reflection as they clarify their stances on various topics. They will learn to share ideas and have civil conversations about various current and past events.

  • Project Soapbox (Fall, Winter, Spring): Let your voice be heard. Take a stand for what you believe in and practice communication and public speaking skills. Students will research topics to prepare formal speeches as well as practice impromptu discussion all in a supportive and judgement free space.​​​​  Class will be literacy based with a focus on persuasive language and writing.                                                                                                                               

  • World Music and Art (Winter, Spring):  Here is your chance to explore music, dance, and pieces of art work from different times and places across the globe.    Class will integrate History, Literacy, Music, VAPA and art.                                                                     

  • Human Biographies (Winter, Spring): In this course students will study inspirational humans, their achievements and their legacy.  Class will integrate History, Literacy, and art

  • California History (Spring): In this course students will study the local California History.  We will cover Native Americans, Gold Rush, Early Settlements, and some of the historical figures that played an important role in the development of California.  This class will include field trips down to the History Museum, the Chinese HIstory Museum, the river, and the interactive History Museum.  A walking field trip form must be signed for participation in this class and some and some additional entrance fees may need to be collected for the museum entrance fees. 


  • Traditional: In our Early Elementary Exploration course, students in grades ranging TK-1 grade will gather to gain experience in a self-directed learning classroom. The course is 2 hours twice a week to allow students ample time to engage in all the core areas of study each day. Each session will begin and end with a circle time where students will interact with each other and the teacher as they build their capacities in various academic areas including, literacy, phonics and mathematics. During the self directed learning time, students will explore various activities related to the academic themes of the day. (Limited class size, meets twice weekly)

    • Monday/Wednesday 10-12pm

  • Outdoor: In our Early Elementary Nature Exploration course, students in grades ranging TK-1 grade will gather to gain experience in a self-directed learning  a fully outdoor classroom. The course is 2 hours twice a week to allow students ample time to engage in all the core areas of study each day. This class will be focused on an immersive naturae experience with an empasis on social emotional development.  The students will be introduced to forest bathing which builds a foundation for a healthy mindset, awareness, and awe.  Kinds are honestly naturals at this, hence them finding joy in the smallest of things that as adults we often look past.  The class will explore ou rnatural environment while building positive connections with both humans and the more than human world. Each session will begin and end with a circle time where students will interact with each other and the teacher as they build their capacities in various academic areas including, literacy, phonics and mathematics.  (Limited class size, meets twice weekly)

  • Tuesday/Thursday 10-12pm

Image by Paige Cody
Image by Melissa Askew


  • Strength and Endurance Interval Training (Endurance Adventure) (Fall, Winter, Spring): Utilizing interval training techniques, you will build strength, endurance and increase flexibility. Various equipment will be part of the fitness training, this class is physically demanding.​

  • P.L.A.E (Physical, Life Skills, and Attitude Education) (Winter, Spring): With a focus on movement and health, students will engage in organized physical play to promote healthy choices and build skills in team work.

  • Merry Movement  (Spring): Students will get to participate in body weight training, yoga, sports training, development of good sportsmanship, and movement games. Activities will work on developing coordination, balance, large motor control, spatial awareness, strength and flexibility, while also having fun and supporting each other! 

  • Just Breathe Yoga (Fall, Winter, Spring): In our Yoga for Kids course, students have fun building their strength, balance and flexibility while increasing body awareness and mindfulness. Yoga has many benefits for both mind and body, including enhancing concentration and focus, boosting the immune system, and regulating emotions.  Guided meditation is a part of every class session as well.


  • Imagination Station  (Fall, Winter, Spring): Each week students will engage in imaginative play from working with props to creating their own! There are no bounds on the limits of student creativity.

  • Adventure Imagination (Winter, Spring): You never know what you will be able to create with a little teamwork and an awesome attitude. Each week the mystery bag will contain an idea that kids will create, act out, or make things to use go on the best kind of adventure, the one you imagine! 

  • DiscoverYOU (Winter, Spring): Being a kid is not always easy, this is why we are helping kids express who they are and how to navigate the challenges of new environments, expectations, as well as just how to be a good friend. Each week a different social emotional learning book will be introduced and activities will coordinate with the book of the week.

  • Kind Minds (Fall, Winter, Spring):: In this team building and empowerment course for teenagers, they will build community with each other as they participate in activities to build trust, work in teams and develop leadership skills all while fueling them with positive affirmations, strength exercises and self care. Throughout the course, students will discuss how to promote positivity in this often selfie and photo filtered social media driven world.



The following courses have been designed to help students understand mathematics and demystify all those hard to remember rules by engaging in how numbers work.  Using real world applications, these courses will help students build their mathematical agility leading to greater understanding and retention. Together we discover the mathematics leading to students answering these questions and many others. 

  • Stock Market Math (Spring):  "Gosh, I just wish I waited to start saving money." Said no one ever! In this class, student will engage in real life scenarios to become financially literate. They will learn the basics of investing, money management, Financial Literacy and the math behind it. 

  • Number Play (Grades K-5th): In these courses students will engage in mathematical discovery and conversation.  The goal of the course is to promote mathematical agility and flexibility in thinking about mathematics which increases a students’ understanding and depth of knowledge regarding how numbers work, what they represent and the language used to describe mathematics. By beginning this type of thinking in the early grades, students will build their mathematical capacities setting themselves up for future success in higher levels of mathematics. This course is taught by a credentialed math teacher.

  • Middle School Math:

    • FALL 6th/7th - Integers, Exponents, and Rational Numbers- Students will build their understanding of numbers and operations by understanding why various number systems exist and use hands-on tools to simplify expressions, and solve equations building connections between the concrete and the abstract. And yes, we will answer that burning question about why a negative times a negative equals a positive!  This course meets twice weekly

    • FALL 7th/8th - Simplifying Expressions and Solving Equations - In this course students will use their understanding of real numbers to simplify and solve equations using games and hands-on materials, providing the opportunity for connections between the abstract mathematics and the concrete they are experiencing.  This class meets twice a week.​

    • WINTER 6th/7th - Ratios and Proportional Reasoning - We will have fun exploring how ratios and proportions are everything you need to know to be successful in life! Just kidding but understanding them does help when making decisions about things like shopping or making predictions for future events. In this class, students will engage in mathematics through real world applications.

    • WINTER 7th/8th - Understanding and Application of Linear Algebra - No textbook for this linear algebra course! In this course students will work together and engage in real world problems in which linear algebra is needed to find a solution and have fun while doing it! The goal of this course is to provide students with tools that will allow them the confidence and mathematical agility to be able to approach any linear algebra situation and be able to solve it. This course is the perfect preparation for students before they move into high school level Integrated Math 1 or equivalent math course. Prerequisites: Students will need a basic understanding of a coordinate plane, solving single step equations and have a working knowledge of the order of operations.

    • ​​SPRING 6th/7th - Getting into Shape - Students master area, nets, and problems regarding two dimensional geometry such as how area formulas are derived of quadrilaterals, triangles and circles as well as learn about how to calculate volume of various three dimensional figures as they build a 3 dimensional collaborative city!

    • SPRING 7th/8th - Total Transformations The first half of this course students will engage in real world problems regarding triangles and the Pythagorean Theorem. The second half will be working with transformation on the geometric plane and using transformations to determine congruence. and will culminate with an art project with tesselations.

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Office with Triangle Windows
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Outdoor Reading


  • Emerging Literacy (Fall, Winter, Spring):  In this 30 minute course , students will focus on phonics, building their understanding of the 44 sounds of the 26 letter alphabet. Study and learn phonograms through games to improve reading skills.

  • Foundational Literacy (Winter, Spring): In this course, students will use systematic phonics to increase fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, composition, grammar and spelling while integrating the understanding of the 44 sounds and the 26 letters of the alphabet.  Games to improve reading skills will be embedded in this class.

  • Essential Literacy (Winter, Spring): In this course, students focus on learning the 75 phonograms and 31 spelling rules to help them be strong readers and confident English Language Decoders.

  • Fairy Tales & Fables (Winter, Spring): Students will be introduced to classic Fairy Tales and Fables while learning about the elements of story, character, plot and more. Each lesson will include fun extension projects, art, or hands-on activities to deepen your child’s understanding and love of story. (Example: Hansel and Gretel find themselves in a sticky situation when they are lured into a witches’ house of treats. After discussing how to make better choices for ourselves, students will get to design and build their own Candy Cottages.) (K-3rd)

  • eARTh Journaling (Winter, Spring): This course combines nature journaling, writing and art. Reluctant writers won't notice how much they are writing, and avid writers will explore how to showcase their writing in an artistic and beautiful way, each class the goal will be to create an artistic, nature inspired page for their eARTh journal.


  • Habla Español- Spanish (Fall, Winter, Spring)Learn the Spanish language through immersion. Students will engage in learning the language through songs, games and speaking.  As students improve their basic understanding, students will deepen their language skills with some reading and writing in Spanish.

  • Sign Language  (Winter, Spring): Students will learn the basics of American Sign Language,



  • Grade Level Science Classes (Fall, Winter, Spring): We believe the most exciting part of learning is making discoveries! We nurture this natural wonder of children with hands on science courses. Students will experience first hand the fun and wonder that is science! In each session, students will gather to converse and debrief discoveries and observations as well as ask questions. The material covered will change each trimester and therefore any student who wishes to take this course multiple times in the year will not repeat material, 

  • STEAM Station (Fall, Winter, Spring):  In this is awesome STEAM class, students construct their own knowledge through hands on experimentation and creation. Students will be given a goal or mission and then provided various materials to create some thing or solution or product to meet that goal or mission.

  • Wilderness Explorers (Spring): Wild things are all around! Bugs and animals are the focus of this fun and sometimes surprising exploration. Each week students will be challenged with a different nature challenge.

  • Community Gardening (Spring): In this class we will begin the process of creating the Wild Roots Community Garden while learning all the elements of a garden, including but not limited to, Friends of a garden (bees, chickens, certain bugs, compost, etc.), enemies of a garden (certain bugs, weather, etc), how different plants grow and the different parts of a plant, following the hatching process of chickens, and planting and tending to the garden.

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Science Class
Young Engineers
Visual Arts
Performing Arts
Social Studies
Mind and Body
Foreign Lang
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