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22-23 Course Offerings

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

What makes Wild Roots Learning Center different is our approach to education.  We employ a wide range of educational philosophies to deliver instruction and we are passionate about learning. At the core of our educational philosophy, is that when kids are having fun, and engaged, they are learning. Therefore, our focus is on high quality content that piques interest, and thus naturally fun, and promotes the intrinsic desire to learn.   Our classes are designed out of passion and expertise with educational experts who cannot wait to share what they love with you.   While we believe interaction across a wide range of ages is most beneficial for all, to help students and parents navigate which courses would be most appropriate for each student, we offer our courses in three flexible age ranges. We allow this flexibility because we believe parents know their child better than anyone, and thus a child who may not fit in a particular age range, may be more suitable for another.  Consider the lists below as a menu of items from which you may choose individual classes, or if you need assistance creating a schedule that works for your family's needs we are happy to assist you in your selection process

AGES 4-8
1st - 4th Grades
5th - 8th Grades
9th - 12th Grades
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